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This is a special page - there is no link to this page from anywhere on the Internet... the address is being sent exclusively to all those persons who kindly expressed advance interest and the book will not go on general sale until all such customers have had a chance to order. We will also keep a small stock to one side, just in case anybody is on holiday or offline etc. We think we have ordered enough stock to meet demand, so do feel free to allow friends to order. The order facility is at the very bottom of this page.

NOW IN STOCK - we had an opening stock of 250 copies:

The Book of Islay – Documents Illustrating the History of the Island , edited by G. Gregory Smith and sponsored by Mr. Ramsay of Kildalton Castle.


This is a special order page for all those people who kindly expressed an interest in the publication. The normal RRP will be £65.00 but all advance orders will be fulfilled at £35.00 plus postage. Please use the order options below - please choose the correct one for postage to UK, or to EEC or to "Rest of World"; if to "Rest of World" choose between Airmail (12 days) and Surface (up to 2 months) . There is also an option to purchase "for collection in Colonsay" - in the latter case the book will be labelled and set aside until such time as you or your representative call to collect it.

"The Book of Islay" will also be available in Roy's Bookshop, Bowmore, Islay and it has been offered to both Smiths and Waterstones in Oban (although they have not indicated any interest as yet); in addition it will be available through but we cannot predict what price they will charge. We do think that our own Special Offer will be unbeatable; it will end on March 31st..


Originally published privately in a single edition limited to 250 copies in 1895. This very rare work is now republished in a facsimile of the complete text, but in a much more manageable form - each copy of the original edition weighed 4470 grammes.

There are 92 pages of introductory text, including some 60 pages in which G. Gregory Smith sets the context for the main body of the work.

There are also 648 pages of main text including Genealogical Tables and a very detailed index. The text consists of 259 documents, with English translations as required, together with scholarly notes. These documents are supplemented by an Appendix in 3 sections:

•  Supplementary account of events connected with the island, derived from papers not included in the text of the volume –

•  Annals

B. Additional papers (including Mining, Fishing, a Packet Service etc.)

2. Descriptions of the island (ranging from 1385 – 1765)

3. Rentals &c. (ranging from 1509 – 1741), with notes e.g. “Knockrinsey and Ardelistie is a good possession for stock; and has one small isle annexed to it. There is a remarkable vision said to be seen about 60 years ago upon the top of a great hill above the house of Knock of a cryple going upon stilts and a young man also, a little halting, led by an old man, and all three lowping and skipping in the tope of the hill crying Hei! Gilbert ho! Gilbert, Gilbert, mwo so, Gilbert, mwo shud!”

N.B. The original work contains a number of illustrations – please note these are included but minor imperfections must be expected.

If you have an special queries. please send an email to and we will try to help.


Purchasers should be aware that this is a very heavy work, and even in facsimile it weighs within a whisker of 2 kilos. Airmail to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand costs £24.36 per copy (about 7 - 10 days) or it can be sent by surface mail at £12.69 (officially 4 - 6 weeks but sometimes longer). Standard postage within the UK is £7.06 per copy, and airmail to the rest of Europe (including Republic of Ireland) costs £11.79. Of course, the book can be collected free of carriage from Colonsay.

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CANADA: a bizarre situation affects Canada. Each book in its wrapper weighs 2085 gms; unfortunately the Canadian postal service cannot handle incoming mail which weighs more than 2 kilos. This has created an unforeseen problem which means we have to use a carrier @ £31.00 per copy. Orders which have already been received will be fulfilled but unfortunately we have to charge the full £31.00 to all new orders. We are considering printing a special edition in USA, but first of all need to see how we could arrange deliveries even from there.


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